Heat Pump, a Sensible HVAC Choice


We who are associated with HVAC don’t often pause to consider the antiquity of our craft.

As much as 1.5 million years ago, early humans began using campfires.The oldest arrangement was a central fire and a central roof opening for smoke to escape. The 13th century brought us a stone fire place, then came the revolutionary steam engine in 1974 followed by hydronic radiant heating.

The 20th century witnessed the popularity of the hot air-fan system that later was controlled by a thermostat, and there you have it Automatic heating via oil burners then natural gas and liquefied propane.

After the 1973 middle east war we needed to lower our dependency on fossil fuel, a path that became necessary with the realization of global warming and the future of life on our planet.

Heat pump is the only 100% efficient heating and cooling system we know of as of today. It is a genius heat transfer piece of equipment, according to the EPA, heat pumps will only look more and more favorable in the coming years. In addition to providing cost savings compared to propane and oil, heat pumps have some other important benefits:

  • They are safe. Since there is no combustion in the house, there is less risk of air quality problems from carbon monoxide.
  • They are convenient. No fuel tank or delivery is required, as is the case for propane and oil.
  • They are clean. Fossil-fuel-fired equipment (especially oil-fired equipment) needs to be cleaned periodically. Cleaning is not necessary for electric equipment


Many of neighbors in Bucks county, PA still use oil and propane fired heaters, they call us at HVAC Philly Inc. to repair and service them regularly. HVAC Philly is currently looking to partner with PECO and all local government agencies involved in community development and services upgrade all Bucks county homes heating and cooling systems to a 100% efficient heat pump systems.

Heating had advanced from the campfire to something so silent, automatic, and reliable that we simply take it for granted — we just “turn on the heat.” Our industry has succeeded in transforming heating apparatus into Walter Bernan’s “machines of society.” We who design, manufacture, market, install, and service heating systems inherit a legacy that serves one of the most important necessities of society. This review of our proud past can only inspire us to keep up the good work!


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