Do Not Buy HVAC Equipment Online?!

before you buy

Most Greater Philadelphia Residents are preparing their homes for the hot summer weather. That means air conditioner maintenance as well as new system installations.

Because we live in a world where most shopping needs can be taken care of online, homeowners often look to see if they can purchase their new HVAC equipment in the same way, and if it can save them money. If you can buy car online, or a house, why not buy an air conditioner?

Do not do it!

 As we’ll explain below, there are a number of reasons this is a bad idea all around.

Voided warranty

HVAC systems manufacturers will void the warranty on equipment that is purchased online, Please Read

Incorrect sizing

Getting the wrong size air conditioning system, i.e. one that is either under-powered or over-powered, will create numerous problems for comfort and energy efficiency in a house. The only way to fix a system that is the wrong size is to replace it—not exactly a way to save money! It takes professionals to properly size an AC for a home using a special heat load calculation.

Bad installation

A professional contractor isn’t just there to see that you choose the right system. The contractor is there to make certain that the system is installed in place properly—and that can’t be done if the customer purchased the equipment online, putting the entire system at high risk of voiding the warranty. Let the contractor see to the purchasing and the installation of the system.

Don’t let a low-price for an AC you find online trick you: you’ll end up paying a very high price in the long run as the system starts to fail, doesn’t provide you with proper cooling, and then breaks down without a warranty to cover it. When you go with professionals from the start, you’ll receive quality that will save you money for years. Best of all, you’ll have dependable comfort!

HVAC Philly Heating, Air Conditioning provides air conditioning services in Philadelphia and throughout Bucks and Montgomery counties Call our friendly technicians 24/7 for exceptional customer service




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