Guide to AC Replacement in Philadelphia


It is mid-April; Hot summer nights are weeks away, is it too early to worry about your dead AC replacement in Philadelphia when spring is time for lawn care and cleaning out attics and garages? In this short article I am going to show you why addressing your AC replacement in the early spring could help you get a better system and enables you spend less of your money.


Quality AC Replacement requires no rush

We all know that three quotes is a standard practice.  Good shoppers don’t always buy bargains. Buying durable Air Conditioners that come with long warranties should be the number one item on your list and negotiating an additional year or two of free labor warranty should not be ignored.

Evaluating your three contractors comes second as you will need to spend a bit of time checking with organizations like the better business bureau, your local chamber of commerce and reading some of the contractors reviews, thanks the internet you can accomplish your task in no time.


Beware of Oversize Air Conditioners

It may sound strange, but too much cooling capacity will make an AC system less efficient.  system will cycle on and off frequently, exposing the components to excess wear and tear. Air conditioner’s Job is not only to cool down your home’s air temperature but it should also de-humidify, oversized systems tend to cycle off before humidity is removed from your home.


Think Locally

Your HVAC contractor should always be a short-distance call away. These sophisticated modern more efficient air conditioning systems require occasional checkups by service people familiar with their design and installation. An industry study shows that half of all service calls were the result of improper or insufficient maintenance.


Compare cost

Keep in mind, HVAC Contractors do not manufacture HVAC systems, all companies who offer AC replacement in Philadelphia buy their units from the same local distributor. Listen to your three estimators and ask for an estimate for a good system and a more efficient system, be sure to get all model numbers included.


The process of getting a good AC replacement in Philadelphia requires time and home work by home owners, running into a fast decision can be costly, do not wait till it is 90 degrees’ outside to call for HVAC services.









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