HVAC Repair Philadelphia Residents Can Do

As complex as HVAC systems are, here is a list of HVAC repair Philadelphia residents can do before calling their Heating and Air Conditioning service contractor


HVAC system not running

Most of the time the reason for HVAC systems sudden quietness is a lake of electric power, check your breakers, if on then move forward the heater and make sure the emergency switch is turned on.


Heater blower is on but condenser is off

Your outside condenser needs high voltage from the breaker panel and two thermostat wires from the heater’s circuit board to run, again look for a double pole breaker and make they are on then follow a thin wire between the heater and the condenser if you see the wire is not insulated at any point then you will need to insulate the wire and replace a small fuse at heater’s circuit board.


Outside condenser or inside coil  frozen

When did you replace your air filter? pull the air filter out of the heater, wait two minuets and watch your the ice melt away. if not go around the house and confirm that all of your supply and return vents are open and not blocked


Check your thermostat

Wall thermostats are signal controllers, they tell the system what to do.If your thermostat is off or the room temperature is satisfying the thermostat, your heating and cooling system will not need to run,

More often than not HVAC repair Philadelphia contractors are called to fix issues as minor as these minor


More Complicated issues

If your heating and air conditioning system is running and you are able to feel good air pressure through your vents but your air is not conditioned enough to achieve the set temperature on your thermostat, then you will need a variety of tools and experience in the system’s sequence of operation and you should contact your local HVAC Repair Philadelphia Contractor.






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