How to Beat the Heat and Optimize Your Air Conditioner

It’s going to be HOT this weekend in Philadelphia and Bucks County. Here are some simple ways you can escape the heat and get the most out of your air conditioner so you can stay cool and save money.


It’s going to be HOT this weekend in Philadelphia and Bucks County. With high humidity and temperatures nearing 100 degrees over the next four days, your air conditioner is going to be working extra hard to keep you cool and comfortable.

In these extreme temperatures, air conditioning systems are put under more strain, use more energy, and cost more to maintain a comfortable climate in your home. Below are some simple ways you can escape the heat and get the most out of your air conditioner so you can stay cool and save money.

Head to the Pool to Stay Cool


This is a great solution for those of you with kids who need their fill of outdoor time, even in this crazy heat. Philadelphia has more public swimming pools than any other city in the country, and many of them are free. The parks and recreation department of Philadelphia has a convenient list of public pools you can find here. Bucks county also has a list of pools and parks you can use here.

Visit Someone Else’s Air Conditioning (Get Cool with Art and Culture)


Museums are great to visit during heat waves because paintings are fragile. They need a specific humidity and temperature of 70 degrees so they don’t crumble and fade over time. The Philadelphia Museum of Art costs money to enter, but it’s free after 5pm on Wednesdays. There are also plenty of free attractions around Philadelphia like the Institute of Contemporary Art or Independence Hall. You can visit them at no charge for the air conditioning (or the art and history, up to you).

Heat waves are a perfect time to go to the mall or see that movie you’ve been wanting to watch. Sunday matinees are cheap and usually fall during peak heat hours.

If all else fails and you’re really strapped for cash, you can always hang out a friend’s house and turn down their thermostat when they aren’t looking. (Disclaimer: They might not appreciate this or remain your friend for very long if they find out what you’re doing.)

How to Optimize Your Air Conditioner



Let’s say that you have been to the public pool, have hung out in a cool museum, have been kicked out of your friend’s house for freeloading off of his air conditioning, and are now relying on your own air conditioning system. At HVAC Philly, we want you to get the most out of your air conditioner while saving as much money as you can, so here are some tips to optimize your air conditioning system.

The Golden Rule: Don’t make your system work harder than it has to

  • Don’t leave any windows or doors open!
    • This may seem obvious but it’s a surefire way to let that sweet conditioned air out of your house forcing your AC to work overtime. Mother nature won’t benefit from the cool air, and you’re wasting a lot of money as well as putting stress on your air conditioning system. Also, check your windows and make sure they are locked tight to minimize leakage of air conditioned air.
  • Avoid setting the fan to the “On” position.
    • This causes the fan to blow all the time, and it can result in moisture being blown back into your home that your system now has to dehumidify again.
  • Use an Exhaust fan when cooking or showering.
    • Cooking, showering, hanging clothes to dry, and other similar activities all produce moisture that causes your system work harder than it should.
  • Wear light, summer clothing.
    • Take a look in the mirror. What are you wearing? A long sleeved t-shirt and sweatpants might be comfy, but it probably means your AC is too low. You don’t have to walk around your house in the nude (unless you want to), but wearing lighter clothing and turning your thermostat up a degree or two will save you money in the long run.
  • Don’t let the sun unnecessarily heat your house
    • When the sun is high in the sky and shining through your windows, it’s heating up your house. Make sure you close the blinds where the sun is beating down.
  • Don’t Light Empty Rooms
    • Leaving more lights on in your house than you need wastes energy and adds heat to your rooms, so only keep the lights on that you are actively using.
  • Schedule regular maintenance to keep your AC system at its best.
    • At HVAC Philly, we have over 20 years of experience in Philadelphia, Bucks County, and Montgomery country servicing heating and cooling systems. Call 215-725-6111 for more information on our services and preventative maintenance plans so you can be professionally assured you are saving as much money as possible with your AC system.


Do you have any good tips to beat the heat or optimize your air conditioning?  Let us know in the comments!

How Air Conditioners Work?

As the summer days get hotter and nights Get uncomfortably warm, we turn to our Air Conditioner for help, access humidity in the air reduce our body’s ability to cool itself through perspiration. Many Philadelphia, PA residents and business owners rely on Air Conditioning units to provide indoor comfort when the outside air is unbearable but few ever wonder how do these metal boxes and spinning fans can change the air temperature and quality  

How do Air Conditioners cool?

HVAC Philly How air conditioner work

Let us start by stating the fact that when you feel the cold air coming out of your wall, ceiling or floor vent you are actually feeling air which lost some of its heat, your home Air Conditioner transfers your indoor air heat to the outside air through a mechanical process that starts at your wall thermostat. Air Conditioners also dehumidify the air while removing or transferring the heat by picking up the access humidity at the evaporator coil.

 When the thermostat is set for a lower temperature than room’s temperature the circuit board at the indoor heater or air-handler sends a signal to the outside condenser through the two thin wires between the indoor and condenser units asking it to turn on, the condenser starts pumping liquid refrigerant through the thinner copper line to the evaporator coil attached to the indoor unit and passing through a metering device which drops the pressure and turns it into low pressure vapor, evaporator coil tubes are now cold , as the blower motor turns on and pushes returned air through the cold coil and then your vents you start to enjoy cooler and less humid air as the cold coil tubes condensate air humidity into water which leaves the coil through a PVC drain line.

Air Conditioning system maintenance tips

If you decide to handle your own AC maintenance you should start with replacing your air filter as this simple task is most essential to AC system performance, you can follow with cleaning out your indoor and outdoor coils, other maintenance steps require a certified experienced technician as they require refrigerant handling and electrical knowledge.  


Did you know

  • Air conditioners use about 5 percent of all the electricity produced in the U.S., costing homeowners more than $11 billion a year in energy costs.


  • Replacing clogged air filter with a clean one can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5-15 percent.


Whether you’re looking to save on cooling costs with your current air conditioner in Philadelphia or you want to upgrade to a more energy-efficient model visit our website or contact us at 215-725-611