Simple Heater Repair you can do



Fast Heater Repair when your furnace , heat pump or boiler break down in the coldest of Philadelphia nights can save lives. before rushing to call your Heating repair contractor let us see if we can save you a few dollars and waiting time.

Types Of Heater Repair

Let me point out that most heater repair must be done by a professional as all heaters contain high voltage electrical parts along with others that deal with natural gas, propane
or oil and all can be life threatening. So here is a few simple steps a home owner can do in hope to turn a non operational heater back on when the issue is as simple as:

  • Heater is not running

If your heater is not running and not making any attempts to turn on while your thermostat is set on heat, you might want to go to your home broker panel and check your heater/furnace breaker, if off turn it on. If you find it turned on then proceed to the heater and locate an On/Off switch on or near your heater, make sure the switch is on the On position.

  • Heater repeatedly runs for a  minuet and shuts down

If your hear the blower motor running you should check your air filter, if dirty replace it with a clean one.

  • Heater ignites for no more than three seconds then stop

Clean out flame sensor with a sand paper.

  • Pilot is out

Go to Gas valve,follow direction on how to light a pilot, if pilot  flame goes out when you start to release the gas valve’s red button, clean out the thermo-coupler with a sand paper.

If you follow these simple fixes and heater is not  responding then you should call your Heating Repair contractor for help.

Below are 5 tips for heater repair that will help keep you warm this winter season. Just a little knowledge about warming your Philadelphia home or business can make the difference in saving hundreds of dollars in heating costs over the winter.

  • Make sure there’s room around the heating equipment and that nothing is stored on top of it. Combustible materials should be moved away from both the furnace/boiler and hot water tank to prevent a fire hazard. In addition, move any cat litter boxes.
  • detergents or cleaning products away from the area around the furnace or boiler.
  • Get a precision tune up every year. Studies show that heating equipment that is maintained annually lasts 4-6 years longer and can be up to 25% more efficient than equipment that has not been maintained. You can also catch small repairs before they become major issues and verify your equipment is operating as safely as possible.
  • If your furnace vents through PVC piping, make sure the dryer vent is not too close to the air intake pipe. We have seen situations where homeowners moved their dryer vent and caused real problems with their high efficiency furnaces.
  • Make your windows work for you. Opening the drapes on the sunny side of your home can really warm things up. Once the sun has moved to the other side of the home, closing an insulated drape can help keep the cold air out. Remove your screens as they can block about 25% of solar radiation.

    If you are in need of heater repair or service call HVAC Philly at 215-725-6111 or visit them online to schedule online service at

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