Power Outages and Your Furnace

Don’t let the warm weather fool you, Bucks County, PA residents,  although the weather is unusually warm for this time of year there is indeed some winter storms on the way.  With the sever winter weather can come power outages which can affect your furnace as well.

HVAC Philly wants to give you some helpful tips in the event that the lights are back on and everything else in your home seems to be working fine, however when checking the thermostat you realize the heat still isn’t coming on. What can you do before calling the heating and air conditioning pros of Bucks County, PA, HVAC Philly?


  • First thing to do is to check the breaker panel and make sure that the breaker for the furnace isn’t tripped. If your breaker panel isn’t labeled, most furnaces have a 15A circuit so you can check if any 15A breakers are tripped. If you have a heat pump system, you want to check that breaker for both the indoor and outdoor units are not tripped. Sometimes after power outages breakers can trip unexpectedly so it is something  that you may want to check before calling a professional.


  • Second, some furnaces installed within the past decade may have a GFI outlet tied into the circuit. This is even more common with furnaces installed in basements where there may be water. Power outages can cause these outlets to trip. Check to make sure that any GFI outlets attached to or near the furnace have not tripped. To fix this problem just press the reset button on the GFI outlet.


  • Finally, if the power is out for more than 5 minutes you may want to check that the thermostat did not reset. Many newer thermostats are wired directly into the furnace and that means when the power goes out so does the thermostat. When the power goes out for an extended period of time, the thermostat may reset to the factory defaults and not operate your system properly. If you still have the thermostat manuals you may set it back to its proper settings; however, it is recommended that a HVAC contractor, like the professionals at HVAC Philly, do this because it can be complex.

These suggestions should help to get your heat back up and running, if not please be sure to contact HVAC Philly for any of your emergency furnace repair needs at 215-725-6111.


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