Advice For Air Conditioning Thermostat Installation

If you are getting your new ducted air conditioning system installed you will most likely need to decide where you will be wanting your air conditioner controller installed. HVAC Philly who serve the greater Philadelphia area, including Holland,PA and Glenside, PA, provide some helpful tips below on air conditioning controllers (Thermostats).

images (1)The first question to ask is, should you have only one air conditioning controller for your system or would it be best to have more than one? If you have a multi story home with two or more floors, it would be wise to really have more than just a single controller. With only a single air conditioner thermostat, you will be continuously going up and down the stairs to adjust the temperature and settings on the controller.  At first it may not be a big  deal but eventually it will get tiresome to manage.

It is common for most people to make the decision to put an air conditioning controller in their main living area and a second controller in their master bedroom. The controller in the main living area makes it handy during the daytime and having the controller in the master bedroom permits the homeowner to have control of the system during the night time. Some homes have the master bedroom and the living areas are on the same level, in this case you may even want to install a third controller to put on the other level.

Single story homes could also benefit from having two thermostats (one in the living area and one in the master bedroom). It is less expensive and takes less effort to have this done at time of installation rather than having to reschedule another time to have the installers come back to retrofit the second.  This is why it is important to go over these details with your HVAC professional to avoid extra cost. The cost should be no more than an extra couple hundred dollars for a second, worth the consideration.

Where exactly should you place your air conditioning controller? The best and most convenient place would be to ask the controller to be placed at your light switch height. Installing the controller near other switches and controls (like security controllers or light switches) make it easier to operate than having controllers placed throughout your living room, or master bedroom. A central location makes sense aesthetically and for convenience as well. If possible, try to place the controller in an inconspicuous location. Commonly the controller will need to go on an outside wall (or cavity wall) to be able to get the wire back up to the roof space. Be sure to speak with the electrician on the day of install as he will be able to give you the best advice as to where the controller/s can and should be located.

Keeping this advice in your mind, you should have no problems placing your main controller in a great location. Remember to try to install in an inconspicuous location. Also try to have several controller locations in mind in case the electrician cannot install the controller in your first preference.

HVAC Philly has over 20 years experience in the HVAC industry. Please visit our site or call 215-725-6111 for more information on air conditioning brands, air conditioning prices and more.


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