It May Be Time For an Air Conditioning Upgrade If….

get yoour ac repaired

The warm weather is here in the Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery counties…and it is only getting warmer.  The biggest questions for home and business owners are:”How old is your air conditioner?” “When was it last replaced?” A common mistake is to take your air conditioning unit for granted.  The last thing you want is for your air conditioning unit to quit working during a heat wave. HVAC Philly, your leading AC Repair, and Instillation specialist in the Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery County, PA areas offer some great tips on what to look for to know when the time to replace your cooling unit with a new one is, before the summer heat comes rapidly upon us.

What Is The Age Of Your Air Conditioner?

Like any other mechanical equipment age certainly does matter when it comes to the condition of your AC unit. By properly maintaining, an air conditioner can it can last up to 15 years, however, keep in mind, if you were not the original purchaser you, unfortunately will not truly know how well it was cared for. If the unit is 10 years old and you find that you are frequently repairing your system, it may be better for your home and your wallet to replace it now. With a new unit technology has improved the efficiency and performance of new air conditioners, and that will save on energy costs.

Does Your Electric Bill Keep Increasing?

Have you seen and increase in your energy costs? Check your Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating. New air conditioners are required to have a minimum of a 13 SEER rating. If your rating is under 13, your unit is not performing efficiently. Replacing your current air conditioner with a more efficient unit will lower your energy costs and keep your home at a comfortably sustained temperature.

Are You Frequently Doing Repairs On Your Unit?

If your air conditioning unit is breaking down frequently and needing costly repairs, it would be wiser to replace it. When an older unit needs a repair, HVAC Philly technicians may not have parts on hand. Waiting for replacement parts in the heat of the summer can be extremely uncomfortable. Parts for newer models, however are almost always in stock, and that means your unit will be working at capacity in a short time.

Are You Performing An Annual Maintenance?

An important way to extend the life of your air conditioning unit is to have regular annual maintenance performed on your unit. Neglecting this step in years past, may cause your unit to stop operating efficiently. If your home was purchased with its current air conditioner already installed, you will not know how often maintenance was performed. Make a maintenance appointment, with HVAC Philly and find out what condition your unit is in. It might be in need of a replacement. Finding out the problems before your AC unit breaks down will help ease any issues, so you are not left sitting in the heat while you wait for a new air conditioner to arrive.

Are You Finding It Increasingly Hard To Cool Your Home?

If your air conditioner is not keeping your home cool and comfortable, there is a definite problem. It could that your unit is old and over run, you may also have the wrong size air conditioner for your home. Whichever situation is keeping your home from being cool and comfortable, you can make a change by replacing it with a new unit. Getting a current air conditioner with a smart unit will give you the ability to check temperatures and settings remotely and adjust them through your smartphone.

Is Your AC Unit Noisy While Running?

If you are hearing unusual sounds while your air conditioning unit is running, or you find just the overall volume in your house seems to be constantly on high, you may have a serious problem. Call HVAC Philly 215 -725-6111 and have the unit checked.

Does Your Unit Use R-22?

Any time your air conditioner needs refrigerant added, it signals there is a coolant leak. It’s very expensive to top off your system with R-22 refrigerant (Freon). It can cost over $150.00 per pound plus the charge for the service call. The total cost can easily run between $500 and $1,000. If your unit uses R-22 and has a leak, you can expect the compressor to go next. That can cost up to $2,000. Since R-22 is being phased out and will no longer be produced in 2020, it makes financial sense to replace the leaking unit instead of throwing away money on an air conditioning unit that will be useless in the near future. The cost of the remaining R-22 in the marketplace after production stops is expected to skyrocket.

So if you have looked over this list and noticed that you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to start looking into getting a new air conditioner installed.

If you have any other questions or would like to schedule maintenance or please feel free to contact HVAC Philly at, or call 215-725-6111



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