Investing Wisely In Your HVAC System By Using Preventive Maintenance: Part 1

HVAC Philly highlights the reasons why it’s important to make a regular HVAC maintenance schedule.


Very similar to how you would maintain your car, your HVAC system uses the same TLC and maintenance.  If you neglected your vehicle, you would be looking at some serious consequences down the line, in the way of something more serious than a loose belt or flat tire.  Your engine could seize up and cost of replacement would be through the roof.  By thinking of your HVAC system in this same manner you can see how not performing regular maintenance can cause a much more costly and significant problem down the line.

The thought of sitting in a sweltering home or office in the dead heat of the summer, with no relief from the heat should be enough of a reason to reach for your phone and call HVAC Philly, TODAY, to make sure all your maintenance needs are met. (215-725-6111)

For business and building owners you would be losing income. Potential renters or customers will no doubt walk in and quickly walk out once the heat hits them immediately when walking into your space. Building systems are the lifeblood of any facility. Without lighting, water, or heating and cooling, a building would be uninhabitable. That’s why a strong preventive and predictive HVAC maintenance program isn’t an option; it’s a must.

Maintenance is not costly in comparison to what you could potentially be spending if your system goes downhill and eventually fails. Conventional maintenance will cost significantly less over the life of the equipment than to replace your AC unit on a more frequent basis. Preventative maintenance of your air conditioning unit, keeps things from happening.

Creating a Maintenance Plan
Two main issues to consider when making a HVAC maintenance program:

  1. The recommended performance and maintenance tasks for each piece of equipment.
  2. The overall operation of the system in relation to the building in which it’s installed.

By taking those two issues into consideration as well as the composition of the equipment, and the  environment and operation of the overall system – you need to decide if your preventive maintenance plan is a full-maintenance-coverage plan or if there’s an opportunity for system-performance enhancement.

The first place to turn to if you have questions about how to build a successful HVAC maintenance plan should be to contact a professional like HVAC Philly who service the greater Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery County, PA areas.

Also important is to not overlook your maintenance manuals. They will provide a solid blueprint for the steps you need to take to maintain chillers, boilers, motors, air-handling units – every piece of equipment in a building’s HVAC system. Manufacturers spend a lot of time and money testing their equipment to determine what the maintenance will be and they put this information into the manuals. That is why it is important to be thorough when reading through your provided manuals.

Once you read the manuals and consider your system’s specific needs, you will have all the necessary information to get a successful preventive and predictive maintenance program off the ground – one that is tailored to your building’s HVAC system and operating environment.

Part Two of this post on preventative HVAC maintenance will provide more information on basic areas to focus on, and what to look out for determine if your system is need of repair or a replacement.

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