Top 5 Steps To Keep Your AC Unit Running Cool All Summer

imagesImagine this….you are sitting at home, enjoying a lazy summer day with the family, everyone pleasantly cool. The kids are playing outside and running in periodically to cool off from the summer heat. The dog is content to lay in the sun indoors. Then, disaster strikes…you air conditioner breaks down! 

Now also imagine that your unit needs a full replacement and your AC is on your roof. It could take over two weeks to get a replacement put in.  It would be completely unbearable to live in a 100 degree home while waiting for the unit to be fixed. You would have to, in the meantime,  move the whole family, including the dog, and live with your in-laws for two weeks. That is if you are lucky enough to have family to turn to and that you get along well enough that you wouldn’t drive each other crazy during that time. Otherwise you are looking at either an extremely high electric bill from all of the fans and tricks you try to stay cool, or a costly hotel stay.

Basically it’s your everyday, run of the mill, nightmare. That is why it is incredibly important to  make sure your air conditioner is running well- before it’s too late. HVAC Philly, who serve the greater Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery County areas, provide some steps that you can take to prevent a situation like the one above. By keeping yourself aware of what to do, you can proactively prevent any major issues from occurring.


Step 1. Replace your air filter when it’s dirty. Be sure to check your filter every single month to make sure it is not getting full of dust, lint, or pet hair. A clogged filter makes your HVAC unit work harder. Filters are readily available at your local store or online and they are a lot easier and whole lot less expensive to replace than an air conditioner! If your unit doesn’t look particularly dirty, be sure to change it at least every couple of months anyway to keep everything running smoothly.

Step 2. Pay attention to how your AC unit sounds. If your HVAC is making noises beyond a low humming, it’s time to call an expert. You should not be able to hear any clanging or banging.  If you do, be sure to call someone to diagnose the problem ASAP.

Step 3. Keep nature at bay. Whether your unit is on your roof, on the side of your house, or in the back, be sure that there aren’t any bushes, trees, or other things in the immediate space of your unit. Having your unit that close to any natural obstruction. can actually block the airflow.

Step 4. Clean the drain line. You should be pouring a solution of 1 cup bleach and 3 cups water down your condensate drain tube every three months. That will help it keep clear of algae and other debris. It’s best to call an HVAC tech to help with this, especially if your unit is hard to get to.

Step 5. Call in a professional at least once- but preferably twice- per year. Think of it as a doctor for your air conditioner- your unit may not be broken yet, but a check up could prevent something serious down the line.


Prevent having to learn the hard way the trouble that it takes to go through replacing an HVAC system in the middle of the summer. Not only will it cost you time and your comfort, but it cost a lot of money as well. Fortunately, HVAC units typically work for 10-14 years if they’re treated right- which means regular checkups and maintenance as soon as a problem begins, not when the damage has been done.

If you haven’t had your HVAC unit checked out in awhile, it’s time to schedule your free estimate with HVAC Philly, today! Air conditioner repair involves complex mechanical systems, our Philadelphia AC repair service technicians are certified and well trained to handle any and all Air Conditioning Repair in Philadelphia – HVAC Philly Offers Same day AC Repair Philadelphia Trust

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