HVAC Maintenance Tips For Pet Owners


Pet ownership is not a role should be taken lightly. In exchange for the endless hours of companionship and unconditional love, you then assume the responsibility of providing your special pet with a safe and loving home. Sometimes that may mean waking up before dawn to attend to their physical needs, and other times it means taking care of their messes. It also means a little added effort is required when it comes to your HVAC system. Follow these tips to keep your rambunctious pets from wreaking havoc with your HVAC and ventilation system.


Exposed wires to your HVAC system can be an invitation to play or chew for many pets. This is most common with puppies and kittens, but wires can be a temptation for grown up pets too. To keep the wires safe and prevent injury to your pet, enclose them in conduits.


It is no secret that when dogs and cats shed, their hair finds its way into every nook and cranny of your home. But what you may not have considered is how cat and dog hair affects your HVAC system. As your system sucks in the air, pet hair can clog air filters and decrease the efficiency of your system. This means you’ll use more energy and pay higher utility bills and it may shorten the life of your system as well.

To combat problems with pet hair in your HVAC or ventilation system, establish a routine of regular bathing and grooming of your pet and step up you housekeeping routine, too. Dust, sweep, vacuum and mop regularly to keep pet hair under control and don’t forget to check and replace your air filter frequently. This will keep your HVAC system functioning properly, reduce allergies from pet hair and dander and make you feel more comfortable!

Outside Condenser Units

Pets can also pose a threat to your outside unit, especially if they have free reign of the yard. Many dogs like to dig and claw at hard surfaces and may target your condenser for a little fun. If they claw the fins on the condenser coils, they may injure their sensitive feet and damage your unit. Male dogs also mark their territory by urinating. If your dog, or dogs in the neighborhood, target your condenser, the urine may leak into the fins and cause them to erode over time. This can cause refrigerant leaks that can be costly to repair. To prevent dogs from ruining your outside unit, put up a fence or other barrier around it.

For more tips on how you can improve your system’s efficiency or to make an appointment for services or repairs, contact us today. We provide 24-hour emergency services.

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