HVAC Philly’s Top 2 Reasons Furnaces Breakdown

HVAC Philly Furnace Repair
Don’t wake to a frozen home. HVAC Philly explains the common reason for a furnace to break down.

Fluctuating temperatures here in the Philadelphia, Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA areas have put quite the amount of stress on your furnaces this winter season. Some days we are fighting to stay above freezing cold temps and others we are on the verge of “warm” weather during the day and frigid cold at night. HVAC Philly has seen a rise in furnace and boiler malfunctions.

Keep in mind, HVAC Philly provides 24/7 emergency repair services at no additional cost to homeowners no matter if it’s nights, weekends, or even holidays. We have an HVAC professional accessible to focus on your heating repair needs.

What to expect if your furnace breaks down.

The more knowledge you are armed with the easier it will be to solve the problem. Furnace malfunctions or breakdowns are not always emphatically declared with a large theatrical scene, however, it will definitely be apparent that there s something amiss. If your furnace is showing signs of distress, most likely there are one of two things that are going on.

Possibility 1: Losing heat suddenly— This is the typical explanation of a furnace malfunction; the furnace shuts completely off out of the blue and for good.  Generally, this occurs at the most frigid times of the evening, and your family will wake up to an ice cold house with no heat.

Probable Reasons:  The reason for this could be a combination of any number of problems like a power outage, a broken pilot light, faulty wiring; to name a few. Since there are a numerous amount of potential causes, it is very critical to entrust these aggravations to the trained, professional technicians at HVAC Philly.

Possibility 2: Short Cycling— This is a lesser known furnace complication but it still contains the same weight in seriousness.  For those that are not familiar with what short cycling is, it is when your furnace clicks on and off in short surges instead of continuous lengths. Because of the short operating times, your house never truly heats properly, as well the start-stop temperament of the process adds a lot of wear and tear to your heat system.

Probable Reasons:  The most likely culprit is a dirty air filter. A dirty air filter that is clogged with debris will restrict the flow of air and create a build-up of heat and air. This causes the furnace’s internal temperature to reach too steep of a degree and the safety shut off switch powers the furnace down. Basically, it is a battle between the thermostat that is still trying to bring the home to the set temperature, and the furnace’s internal temperature gauge that keeps the cycle of powering up and back down repeatedly the furnace back up and the cycle repeats.

If you find yourself waking up to a frozen home and are in need of emergency assistance do not hesitate to call HVAC Philly!

We have HVAC technicians on standby to assist in all of your furnace repair needs. HVAC Philly is on call to bring you professional, knowledgeable service when you need it the most!

Looking for a service team with the skills and training to bring you reliable heating repair? We’ve been offering leading heating services for over 20 years, so call us now or contact us online to schedule service!

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