Replacing Your Heater In The Summer

While we are in the midst of summer, enjoying lazy days in our air-conditioned homes, and summer fun with our family, the last thing on your mind is whether or not you should replace your heater. In fact, we at HVAC Philly, greater Philadelphia’s top HVAC professionals, would be willing to bet it’s not even a thought. Despite the lack of thought toward a new heater while your family is enjoying the summer, there are several reasons to actually put some thought into replacing your heater in the summer.

HVAC Philly Heater

Is Your Heater Starting To Get Old?

The lifespan of a furnace depends on how well the heating unit is maintained as well what the weather is like in your area an how often the furnace is used. For example, a gas furnace that is found in a lot of Philadelphia homes, today will normally last 15 to 20 years. As more time goes on, heating performance will start to go down, and the heating unit energy efficiency will stop meeting current standards, in turn making your utility bills higher. Increased frequent use will eventually bring up the topic of whether to invest more money in expensive repairs or upgrade now to a new, more reliable and efficient unit.

Reasons why the summertime is a good time to replace the heater in your home;

  • Off-season deals. As fall approaches more homeowner will be seeking furnace replacement. With increased demands for a furnace, it also creates an increase in cost. This is why in summer demand is low and dealers offer more attractive prices to keep the volume up and a larger selection of units, this includes models from last year at a significant discount.
  • You will have more time to shop around. Since the weather is still hot, the immediate need is non-existent. This allows you to take time to shop around and find something that suits your home and budget. Waiting for the fall and winter to replace an already failing furnace will add pressure to make a purchase, that can add to rash purchases.
  • You may be able to find a package deal! Central air conditioners usually have smaller window frame for life expectancy. If your air conditioning unit has reached the end of its efficiency you may be able to find a package deal that allows you to replace your entire HVAC unit at a significantly discounted price. Savin on the units themselves as well as installation costs.

Summer is definitely a great time to think about heater replacements. Contact HVAC Philly for more information.

For more FAQ about your HVAC system, be sure to follow HVAC Philly Blog, for helpful tips and information related to heating repair, heating maintenance and services provided to the greater Philadelphia, Bucks County, PA and Montgomery County, PA areas.

If you are in the greater Philadelphia, Montgomery County,  or Bucks County, PA areas, HVAC Philly offers affordable, professional and expert HVAC services to commercial buildings and homes throughout the area. They have over 20 years experience and rated top ten HVAC companies in Philadelphia.

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