4 Steps For Fall Furnace Maintenance

Although the warm weather here in the greater Philadelphia area may not reflect typical fall weather, it is indeed fall, which means it’s time to get your furnace ready for the winter. The first step is to ensure that you perform maintenance on your furnace. HVAC Philly, one of Philadelphia’s top-rated HVAC specialists in the greater Philadelphia area for over twenty years, provides some helpful steps to perform your fall furnace maintenance.

Before you begin your fall maintenance or cleaning be certain that you have put in place the right safety precautions. Turn off all appliances. If you feel as though you may be doing something improperly, or are anxious about damaging yourself or your furnace it is best immediately contact your local HVAC professional to provide routine maintenance for you.

HVAC Philly Fall Maintenance

Step One: Change Furnace Filters

The first step to follow for your gas furnace or, in fact, for any type of HVAC systems, is to routinely change the air filter. For areas that are more prone to common air pollutants, such as Philadelphia, your home would fair best with changing the filter every 3 months at most. Air filters perform by trapping dust and debris from entering the furnace. If too much debris collects on the air filter it will start to inhibit air flow. Restricted air flow will lessen the efficiency of your HVAC unit.

Step Two: Check the Burner Flames

Turn up the thermostat to engage the burners and check the flames. You are looking for them to be blue an even. If the flames do not appear to be even or blue, do NOT attempt to adjust the burners by yourself. Please contact HVAC Philly today and we’ll have one of your experience technicians come out to inspect an service your furnace if necessary.

Step Three: Clean the Components, Pilot Light, Flame Sensors, and Ignitors

Older furnaces will have a pilot light, whereas most newer model furnaces will have a hot surface ignitor. Whether your furnace has a pilot light of hot surface ignitor you will want to remove any debris or dust from them. Gently, and carefully blow dust away from the pilot light; (helpful tip* you can use a straw to get a concentrated airflow). You will use the same technique for hot surface ignitors. Furnace ignitors are extremely delicate so you will not want to remove them, just blow away any debris or dust that has accumulated.

Again, it’s important to remember that if you have any concerns or are worried you may be in danger of damaging yourself or any part of your furnace, please contact HVAC Philly and we will have a professional technician come to service your system.

Step Four: Technical Maintenance

HVAC Philly suggests a routine seasonal inspection with cleaning and maintenance check by one of our experienced technicians. We will send one of our certified HVAC technicians to repair and inspect your HVAC system to keep your unit running efficiently. In addition to routine maintenance for your HVAC unit, we also suggest having your ducts cleaned once a season, as well as having your insulation checked and all leaks repaired.

Have your furnace inspected seasonally. Contact us today for a furnace inspection and maintenance or request service online.

For more FAQ about your HVAC system, be sure to follow HVAC Philly Blog, for helpful tips and information related to heating repair, heating maintenance, and services provided to the greater Philadelphia, Bucks County, PA and Montgomery County, PA areas.

If you are in the greater Philadelphia, Montgomery County,  or Bucks County, PA areas, HVAC Philly offers affordable, professional and expert HVAC services to commercial buildings and homes throughout the area. They have over 20 years experience and rated top ten HVAC companies in Philadelphia.

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