Don’t Forget To Replace Your Furnace’s Air Filter!

Here at HVAC Philly we can’t stress enough about the importance of HVAC maintenance here in the greater Philadelphia area. As you know from previous blog posts we constantly stress the importance of maintenance if you want to extend the efficiency and longevity of your furnace.  We are also adamant about the importance of contacting an experienced and trained professional when it comes to performing heating maintenance. There are, however, some simple steps you can take to keep your furnace and heater performing at it’s best. Changing the air filter is one of the simplest and most effective ways of making sure you’re doing right by your furnace and heat pumps.

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Yes, it is as simple as that! I know you may be thinking, “Really? Changing the air filter can’t be THAT important.” Well, think again! It ranks right up there with one of the most important maintenance tips we have. It is the best and easiest thing you, as a homeowner, can do yourself. HVAC Philly is sharing some helpful information about the benefits of changing your air filter in conjunction with routine heating maintenance in the greater Philadelphia area

If There Is Too Much Airflow Resistance It Will Cause Issues With Your Heating System

You may be wondering how a dirty air filter can cause so many problems. It comes down to the airflow resistance. If there is an abundance of resistance that means that the proper amount of air is not getting through. When your filter is old and clogged with debris and pollutants it will restrict your heater’s ability to force hot air through your home and through the filter itself.

With your furnace working so hard to distribute hot air throughout your home you will see a significant rise in your energy bill as well. This will put a strain not only on your furnace but also your wallet. This in itself is a great reason for spending the few extra dollars on a new air filter. The more work your HVAC system has to do in order to force hot air throughout your home, the higher amount of energy that it is going to use in the process. Obviously, the more energy your heating unit uses, the more it will cost to run your furnace.

An increase in your energy bill is not the only thing that can happen with too much airflow resistance. When your furnace air filter is covered in dirt and debris your heating system is going to have a hard time with the heat transfer process. This will cause the evaporator coil in the system to get too cold forming ice. That cold layer will prevent the heat transfer process even further, reducing heating output and even compressor issues. In these sort of cases, short cycling is occurring often, which adds both wear and tear on the heating unit and energy usage.

For heat pumps and furnaces with dirty air filters, there is the concern of indoor air quality. Although the function of this air filter is not solely for boosting indoor air quality throughout your home, it is there to protect your furnace or heat pump from issues that can come up from debris building up within the unit itself.

If your air filter has reached it’s compacity to catch pollutants, then the pollutants in the air will bypass the filter altogether, going through spaces between it and its frame, as the air seeks the path of least resistance. The quality of the air in your home will be jeopardized, don’t let that happen!

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