Reduce Rising Temperatures In Your Philadelphia Home This Summer

Let’s face it, summer’s in the Philadelphia area can be downright brutal on our homes, and bodies for that matter. Our air conditioning systems are our main defense against the onslaught of heat that progressively increases throughout the day.  That is the reason you want to be vigilant in getting any AC repairs done immediately before the heat comes and is here to stay.

HVAC Philly, one of the top HVAC specialists in the greater Philadelphia area for over 20 years, suggests setting up a regular appointment for maintenance as well as following these easy steps listed below to save money and reduce heat gain in your Philadelphia home this summer.

By applying these steps you can reduce the amount of heat that gets stuck inside your home. Because the heat cannot escape it can cause your air conditioner to work overtime and with less desirable results.


Proper Window Installation

If your window is not properly insulated or installed you will lose a lot of the cool air your AC unit is working so hard to produce. This can be a huge money issue when it comes to energy costs. The more cool air that is lost, the more energy your system has to use to cool your home. Make sure there are no leaks, this can be applied to doorways as well.

Don’t Forget About Your Roof!

Dark asphalt shingles on your roof can absorb up to 90 percent of the sun’s energy. Most homes could benefit from an aluminum coating that will reflect the heat and significantly lower the heat being absorbed into your Philadelphia home.  If your decor on is on the darker side it would not be a bad idea to consider repainting it a lighter color.

Properly Insulate Your Home

Another big reason for rising temperature in the home is improper insulation. Properly insulated homes will stop heat from getting in your home and retain the cool air your AC is making.

Be Shady

Not everyone prefers lighter colors in the home. Another alternative is to create shading. Plant trees near and around your home, other vegetation, or awnings can give your home a nice shady oasis to keep out the blaring rays of the sun.

Fire Up That Outdoor Grill

Could you possibly need more of an excuse to avoid the using the stove this summer than avoiding heat gain? If you have an outdoor grill…use it…often. The less heat and appliances you have to use in the home the better it will be for your overall energy costs. And it’s fun to boot!

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Air Conditioning Services in Bensalem, PA

Are You In Need of High Quality Air Conditioning Services in Bensalem, PA?

HVAC Philly has over 20 years experience in professional AC repair, and air conditioning maintenance services.  We are always prepared to provide you with high-quality service and air conditioning maintenance.

During the hot summer months in Bensalem, PA you will expect AC system to keep your home or business cool and comfortable. At HVAC Philly., our trained HVAC technicians are on call to provide superior service for your air conditioning system. If you need an estimate, repair or installation, you can rely on HVAC Philly to do it efficiently, properly, and at an affordable price.

We have all of the proper equipment and knowledge to repair and give maintenance services for all major air conditioning brands on the market today. As well, all of our HVAC technicians are NATE certified.

Our air conditioning service area includes, not only Bensalem, PA but also expands to the greater Philadelphia, Bucks County, PA, and Montgomery County, PA areas. If you live in any of those areas, HVAC Philly will be able to help address all of your cooling system needs! Call us today to schedule an appointment or talk to a professional about your home or commercial space.

You Can Count On HVAC Philly For Your A/C Maintenance

Keeping your AC unit running efficiently relies on the right attention to its maintenance and service needs. Air conditioning maintenance can save you money and stress from unexpected breakdowns in the long run. Make sure your AC unit is prepared for summer — prior to use — with an early spring air conditioning service appointment. 

Common Problems Air Conditioning Maintenance Will Solve


Running A/C Unit Doesn’t Cool: Your air conditioner system can malfunction in the event that it is low on refrigerant or it’s leaking, the filter is clogged or dirty, or the condenser is clogged or dirty.

Run Cycles are Too Long or Too Short: Inconsistent run cycles can be among the most common air conditioning problems caused by dirty condenser coils (outdoor unit) or evaporators (indoor unit).

Poorly Operating Motors Result in Excessive Energy Use: This problem is often caused by moving parts that are not lubricated enough. Excessive friction is capable of making motors and fans work harder.

Electric Control Failure: This happens when your air conditioner frequently turns on and off, a common occurrence when a system is oversized. Central can ensure your electrical connections are tightened during a maintenance call as well as measuring the current and voltage of your A/C motor. 

Air Conditioning Installation Basics

When installing an air conditioner in your home, it is extremely important that the system is sized properly. And this process begins with a professional load calculation. An air conditioner that is too small will have to work overtime to get your house to the proper temperature, and an air conditioner that is too big will cycle on and off far too frequently, greatly reducing its efficiency. At HVAC Philly Heating & Air Conditioning, our expert air conditioner installation specialists will take measurements before installing your air conditioner so your new system can cool your home as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Schedule Your Air Conditioning Service or Maintenance With Us Today!

For more FAQ about your HVAC system, be sure to follow HVAC Philly Blog, for helpful tips and information related to heating repair, heating maintenance and services provided to the greater Philadelphia, Bucks County, PA and Montgomery County, PA areas.

If you are in the greater Philadelphia, Montgomery County,  or Bucks County, PA areas, HVAC Philly offers affordable, professional and expert HVAC services to commercial buildings and homes throughout the area. They have over 20 years experience and rated top ten HVAC companies in Philadelphia.

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AC Repair, Maintenance, and Installation Service in Abington, PA

Cool off in your house with an air conditioning system that is steady, and economical.

When the hot weather starts to hit, the furthest thing from your mind is the possibility that your air conditioner could break down. HVAC Philly provides the best quality air conditioning units, complete installation, and service to Abington PA home and business owners, to provide comfort to your businesses and homes.

We Provide Selection

Our HVAC professionals will work closely with you to find the perfect size and use for your specific needs. HVAC Philly technicians work within your budget, the unique design of your home or business, and your expectations to give a reliable, cost-effective home AC system.

HVAC Philly

We Provide Service

Every home and business owner should be aware of the the basic maintenance expectations for your AC unit, such as regularly changing the air filter. Anything beyond that, our professionals can ensure your air conditioner is always running at its most efficient, delivering clean, comfortable air throughout the summer. We give peace of mind to our customers, by being available for maintenance, repair, or installation of their air conditioning unit. Providing 24/7 emergency services.

We Are Professional

Not only does HVAC Philly install great air conditioning systems from some of the best manufacturers in the industry, we also have a staff of professional, experienced HVAC technicians to handle, promptly, any of your air conditioning needs. When you combine a quality system with the outstanding services that we offer, you’ll enjoy a great performance from your home cooling system throughout even the hottest days of the year.

When you invest in a new air conditioning system, you expect a great return on such a substantial investment. In order for your air conditioner to function at peak performance and efficiency levels if you absolutely need to schedule your air conditioning services with skilled, trained professionals.

There is tutorial upon tutorial that can be found online regarding AC repair, but the number one mistake we come across is a disastrously failed attempt at AC repair by someone who watched a YouTube video and suddenly thought they were an HVAC professional. Leave your routine maintenance or AC replacement services to the qualified technicians. Avoid worsening an already stressful situation.

Air Conditioning Services We Offer:


A quality installation will provide quality cooling performance. When we complete your air conditioning installation, you will know the installation was completed properly. Contact us to discuss available systems.


All air conditioning units, no matter how state of the art, have a lifespan that will eventually come to an end. Just know that replacing your AC system does not have to be intimidating or scary. HVAC Philly walks you through the steps to find a unit that will best suit our needs.


Keep your air conditioner in fine working condition by scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance with one of our HVAC technicians. We will thoroughly inspect your system.


If your air conditioner seems to be running irregularly in any way contact us immediately. Do not hesitate. You do not want to be stuck in 95-degree weather with no air conditioner. Not a situation anyone wants to be in.

For more FAQ about your HVAC system, be sure to follow HVAC Philly Blog, for helpful tips and information related to heating repair, heating maintenance, and services provided to the greater Philadelphia, Bucks County, PA and Montgomery County, PA areas.

If you are in the greater Philadelphia, Montgomery County,  or Bucks County, PA areas, HVAC Philly offers affordable, professional and expert HVAC services to commercial buildings and homes throughout the area. They have over 20 years experience and rated top ten HVAC companies in Philadelphia.

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Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance In Lower Bucks County, PA

Routine maintenance is the most valuable way to keep your air conditioner running well for many years to come. For home and business owners in the Lower Bucks County, PA service area, HVAC Philly is the HVAC company to call for superior quality, complete air conditioning repair, and maintenance services. Our professional team of experienced techs has the skill and technical training it takes to make sure your cooling system works efficiently and properly. Contact us today to find out more about our complete maintenance plans and ac repair services.



HVAC Philly produces maintenance services and quality ac repair in the Lower Bucks County, PA area. Schedule an appointment by contacting our customer care reps today.

We Provide Quality Air Conditioning Maintenance

There is little else as important as performing routine air conditioning maintenance when it comes to making sure that your air conditioner works at its best in all times of use. If you have not scheduled a maintenance check for your ac unit in the last year, it is time to contact us today. You may be paying more than you really should to have your ac unit run productively. To ensure that your air conditioner is operating at the highest levels, consistent annual maintenance is vital.

As well as making sure that you are receiving the most effective cooling experience your ac unit can give, regular yearly maintenance gives the air conditioning experts at HVAC Philly the best chance of finding any type of existing or possible disturbance or weakened component in the stability of your air conditioner. Be sure that it is prepared to perform efficiently throughout the warmer, hot seasons by contacting us today to get started.

Call HVAC PHILLY for Excellent Air Conditioning Repair in Lower Bucks County, PA

If you are in need of an air conditioning repair in Bucks County, contact us for quick and reliable repairs. Routine maintenance will assist in keeping these cases as few and far between as possible, however, if you should need a repair, you will need to call an experienced professional you can depend on. You want a trusted technician with years of experience from a reliable HVAC company. Contact HVAC Philly for professional air conditioning repair service. We will guarantee that any disturbance to your home comfort is addressed quickly and professionally.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs & Maintenance Plans

If you would like to create a maintenance plan for your home or business air conditioning system, contact HVAC Philly. We are completely trained and licensed to perform quality maintenance on your air conditioning unit. Our excellent maintenance programs will make sure you get the ideal performance from your air conditioner for as long as possible. It is the best way to add life to your cooling system.  Contact us any time to get started.

Annual maintenance visits give our expert technicians a chance to find developing issues before they become a big problem. Even normal wear and tear problems can put your air conditioner at risk if it is not addressed. If you are seeing any unusual behavior with your air conditioning system or its how it is working, like ineffective cooling, an increase in your utility costs, or you are noticing warm spots or unusual noises, call HVAC Philly. The most efficient way to deal with important repairs is to perform them as quickly as possible.

For more FAQ about your HVAC system, be sure to follow HVAC Philly Blog, for helpful tips and information related to ac repair, air conditioning maintenance, and services provided to the greater Philadelphia, Bucks County, PA and Montgomery County, PA areas.

If you are in the greater Philadelphia, Montgomery County,  or Bucks County, PA areas, HVAC Philly offers affordable, professional and expert HVAC services to commercial buildings and homes throughout the area. They have over 20 years experience and rated top ten HVAC companies in Philadelphia.

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5 Steps To Get Your AC Ready For A Surprise Spring Heat Wave

It’s hard to believe it’s spring here in the greater Philadelphia, Bucks County, Pa, and Montgomery County, PA areas. Yet another Nor’ Easter has come through, giving our heaters more work to do. Fret not though; spring is here.

Spring is usually the time home, and business owners like to give their HVAC systems a much-needed break. We throw open the windows and doors and let that fresh spring air circulate through our homes.


However, even as we are giving our HVAC systems a break, we still need to think and plan for the warm weather ahead. In fact, it is not uncommon for a surprise heat wave to hit in the middle of spring. You do not want to be caught in the middle of a heat wave with an AC unit that is in need of maintenance.


HVAC Philly, your top rated AC repair, and AC Maintenance experts have some helpful steps to make sure your HVAC system ready for the spring:

Step 1; Turn On Your Air Conditioning System
The easiest way to know if your AC unit is operating properly is to turn it on. Turn the air on at a higher setting for your thermostat, but low enough to feel the cool air in your home or business. If you do not feel cool air blowing through your vents, you will want to contact your local Air Conditioning repair specialist to come in and inspect the unit.

Step 2; Make Sure The Area Around The Unit Is Clean.
If there is any leaves, debris, dust, or any other items around the AC unit, it could cause significant issues when it comes to using your HVAC unit on a consistent basis. It can affect the air flow substantially to the point of changing your temperature in your home. It can stop your air conditioner from reaching the set temperature. Dirt and debris clogging your unit will cause the AC system to work harder than it should.

Step 3; Inspect The Components
Make sure that your system has the right refrigerant levels, and the openings are not restricted. Look at the blades and fan motor for wear. You can also check tubing, the compressor, hoses, and control box; Areas where problems that are more common can occur.

Step 4; Change Your Air Filters, Clean Your Ducts
The number one cause of restricted airflow is the result of dirty air ducts and dirty air filters. Limited airflow is the least of your problems. Dirty ducts and filters can also allow the growth of mold. Schedule a proper duct cleaning with an HVAC professional in your area and replace your old air filters. Unrestricted airflow will help prevent an increase in your utility bills.

Step 5; Address And Repair Any Problems
The benefit of having routine maintenance is that you will find any issues your HVAC system before you need it. In the event of a surprise heat wave in spring, this will come in extremely handy. Avoid running into a problem the when you most need your air conditioning. Maintenance helps to identify the issues and get them solved before any heat waves come in and make it uncomfortable.

Our team at HVAC Philly can assist you with your maintenance and repairs, so your AC system is working right. We can recommend a maintenance schedule that fits you, as well as any services you may need.

For more FAQ about your HVAC system, be sure to follow HVAC Philly Blog, for helpful tips and information related to heating repair, heating maintenance, and services provided to the greater Philadelphia, Bucks County, PA and Montgomery County, PA areas.

If you are in the greater Philadelphia, Montgomery County,  or Bucks County, PA areas, HVAC Philly offers affordable, professional and expert HVAC services to commercial buildings and homes throughout the area. They have over 20 years experience and rated top ten HVAC companies in Philadelphia.

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Benefits Of Replacing Your Old Air Conditioner Before Summer

When it involves heating and AC replacement, the question is, does one still repair and maintain an aging heating and cooling system? How should a home or business owner decide if they a should take on the one time expense of AC replacement?

This call may be a difficult one because it involves an evaluation of the cost of existing maintenance prices at the expense of replacement. There are probably a variety of things to think about, but the end decision comes right down to making the choice that works best for you.

To learn additional information regarding the advantages of AC replacement and for assistance comparing the benefits and cons of AC Replacement vs. AC Repair as it applies to your specific scenario, contact the professionals at HVAC Philly today. As heating & air conditioning experts serving the greater Philadelphia, Bucks County, and Montgomery County PA areas, we will assist you in comparing your choices and choose the selection that works best for you.

How Replacing Your Old Air Conditioner Before Summer Will Benefit You:

At HVAC Philly, we have worked with many customers in areas like the Fox Chase, and Bustleton neighborhoods of Philadelphia, providing air conditioning repair and replacement services. This experience gave HVAC Philly first-hand knowledge seeing the key benefits of replacing an older existing AC unit.

1. AC Replacement Reduces Maintenance And Repair Costs

It is a given undeniable fact that aging AC units do not operate as efficiently as new ones. For this reason, savings is one of the most significant decisions for AC replacement. Even the most well maintained and adequately used units have the potential to start breaking down and overworking with age. It just simply the cost of age. Wear and tear is inevitable.

At some point, you will see that the cost of repair and maintenance are going to increase enough to force you to NEED a replacement steadily. New heating & cooling units can operate at optimum potential and can be less vulnerable to breaking down or having issues. Keep in mind as well, that, new Air Conditioners usually have warranties, which can keep repair prices low or non-existent for many years even if issues do occur.

2. AC Replacement Improves Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is also a significant advantage of AC replacement. Newer models of AC units utilize advances in technology that permit them to supply higher cooling while using less energy. AC replacement will give you more opportunity to take advantage of those newer technologies.

In addition to reduced energy consumption and prices, higher efficiency also will help you lower your environmental footprint. It will be vital for those businesses and buildings that get are trying to transition to a company that is more environmentally friendly.

3. AC Replacement ends up in higher Cooling
Air conditioner units are designed to ensure that all areas are maintaining a relaxed and comfortable temperature. Aging AC units have a harder time keeping the right humidity and temperature for comfort. If you are experiencing inconsistent cooling, it is clear that there’s a necessity for AC replacement to create the right environment in your home.

So now that you have decided to replace your Air Conditioner learn why it is best to replace it BEFORE summer.


Lower Prices
Off season is the best time to find significant savings. Peak season the demand is higher and so will be the cost.

Better Workmanship
As most indoor sections of our equipment are in close, hot areas, it can take a toll on technicians when working in 130-degree heat. Even the most professional and experienced technicians have difficulty in those conditions

Manufacturer’s Rebates
Most manufactures rebates start March 1 and end May 31. Again, selling systems in the summer is not a problem. However, trading systems in the offseason is a struggle.

The hotter it is, the more likely your unit will fail. If your AC unit is old, you do NOT want to wait until it breaks to replace in the middle of a heat wave.

Lower Utility Bills
By replacing your system before summer starts your cooling bills will be lower all summer and from that point forward.

For more FAQ about your HVAC system, be sure to follow HVAC Philly Blog, for helpful tips and information related to heating repair, heating maintenance and services provided to the greater Philadelphia, Bucks County, PA and Montgomery County, PA areas.

If you are in the greater Philadelphia, Montgomery County,  or Bucks County, PA areas, HVAC Philly offers affordable, professional and expert HVAC services to commercial buildings and homes throughout the area. They have over 20 years experience and rated top ten HVAC companies in Philadelphia.

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How to Find the Right Air Conditioning Repair in Philadelphia

Summer is in full swing in Philadelphia, which means it’s the busiest time of the year for air conditioning repair. When your air conditioner breaks down in the summer, you’ll need emergency air conditioning repair. With temperatures in the upper 90’s, going without air conditioning for an extended period can be dangerous and costly. When your AC breaks down there are two things you should do: Stay cool and call a professional. There are a lot of professional HVAC companies out there, so how do you find the best one? When you search air conditioning repair Philadelphia online, there’s an overwhelming amount of companies that appear. Don’t worry though, we’ll tell you exactly what to look for to find the best air conditioning repair in Philadelphia.

Start With Experience

When you first start your search for air conditioning repair Philadelphia, you’ll see a lot of companies. The first criteria you can use to narrow your search is experience. While this isn’t the end all be all of a good HVAC company, years of experience usually translate to better and faster service when you need it. Also, an air conditioning repair company that has been around will have word of mouth about their business one way or another, so you can avoid any bad eggs. At HVAC Philly, we have over 20 years of experience in AC and heating repair. We’ve seen it all, and we have it down to a science.

Ask for Reviews

Make sure you do your research on whichever Philadelphia AC repair company you choose. It’s easy for a company to fabricate a few positive reviews on their website. Be sure to check services like Yelp, Angie’s List, and Google Business to get a better idea of how each company treats their clients. You should also ask a prospective AC repair Philadelphia company if they’ve had clients in your neighborhood for a trusted testimonial.

Get an Estimate and Compare

The sad truth is, some HVAC companies will try to rip you off. Getting an estimate to compare to another company’s is a great way to make sure you aren’t getting a bad deal. Of course, during the summer heat waves, you’ll want to get air conditioning repair as soon as possible, so you may have to settle for calling around to other companies or researching average prices for the estimate you were given.

Ask About Insurance

An air conditioning repair Philadelphia company is required to be bonded, licensed, and insured in order to operate in the state of Pennsylvania. Make sure you ask to see proof of insurance from whoever you have come to fix your air conditioner. Some people will try to take advantage of the summer heat and operate amateur HVAC businesses. If someone who isn’t properly insured is working in your house and gets injured, you could be held liable.

Ask About 24 Hr Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

When you need summertime air conditioning repair Philadelphia, find a company who offers 24 hour emergency air conditioning repair. Summer is the busiest time for AC repair, so if a company doesn’t offer emergency AC repair, it could take days until someone can come to see you.

If you live in Philadelphia, Montgomery, or Bucks County, give us a call at 215-725-6111. With over 20 years of experience in Philadelphia AC repair, we offer unparalleled professionalism and quality service.

Stay cool my friends.

How to Avoid Common HVAC Scams

The hot weather is here to stay, and that means it’s air conditioning season in Philadelphia. If you have an air conditioner breakdown, you’ll need emergency HVAC service to get your house to a comfortable climate ASAP. It’ s important to hire the right HVAC company when you need quick service. While the majority of HVAC companies are honest, there will always be a few bad apples out there who will try to take advantage of your situation with a variety of common HVAC scams. At HVAC Philly, we want to provide you with tips to identify and avoid common HVAC scams, so you can protect your wallet and report predatory HVAC companies.

HVAC Scam #1: The Tune-Up

Have you ever seen an ad or been contacted about an air conditioner tune up for a price of around $59? The price seems too good to be true, and it is. If you fall for one of these tune-ups, you’re really just paying a contractor to come give you a sales pitch. 9 times out of 10, they’ll perform a “tune-up” and proceed to tell you about a serious problem they found that needs replacing. If you think about it, these tune-ups only benefit the HVAC company if they can sell you an expensive repair or new part. When contractors are paid an average of $35/hr, they’re losing money to send a technician to drive out to your house and perform a tune-up for only $59.

In general, you should be avoid these tune-ups. If you do have one, don’t be surprised if the technician finds a “problem” that needs repairing. Remember, you can always get a second opinion if you want to be sure that there’s no problem. You’re not obligated to the company who performed the “tune-up” to fix it.

HVAC Scam #2: The 12 Year Warranty

Popular manufactures of air conditioning and heating equipment such as Lennox, Bryant, Trane, and Goodman all provide free warranties on their parts that are attached to the serial number on your unit. Often, you can extend these warranties by 2 years for just a few dollars more. Some HVAC companies might try to sell you on an extended warranty for your newly installed air conditioning system. Again, if the warranty seems too good to be true, it probably is. Commonly, these companies will offer a 12 year parts and labor warranty for FREE. What’s the catch? Well, hidden in the contract you sign, there will be a preventative service agreement stating that you’ll agree to pay hundreds of dollars per year in preventative service to be eligible for the warranty.

If you see these kinds of warranties, be sure to ask about any preventive service agreements and carefully read anything before you sign it.

HVAC Scam #3: The Ever-changing Estimate

Whenever you agree to pay a HVAC company for services, make sure you have an agreed upon price in writing. If your HVAC technician tells you a repair will be “about $_____”, he might as well be waving a big red flag around. In other words, he’ll probably try to charge you a higher price when the repair is over.

A written estimate protects you from paying predatory prices and allows you to protect yourself if the repair isn’t completed. You can also use a written estimate to get a second opinion and make sure you aren’t paying too much for a simple repair.

HVAC Scam #4: The “Professional” Contractor

Out of all the HVAC scams we’ve covered so far, this one will cost you the most money. Have you ever had an amateur repair job? They usually cost you more money than you should have to pay. Beware of amateur contractors who try to pass themselves off as licensed HVAC technicians. Do your research before hiring a HVAC company; read their reviews, and check their rates online. It’s perfectly okay to ask for a HVAC technician’s license when they come to your house. If a company has too many bad reviews or gives you excuses as to why they can’t show you their license, look for another company.

Hopefully you never have to deal with any of these HVAC scams, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you live in Philadelphia, Bucks, or Montgomery County, call HVAC Philly at 215-725-6111 for trustworthy and professional air conditioning repair.

Stay cool my friends.

Professional Philadelphia Air Conditioning Repair is the Best Bet

Nothing will put you in a bad mood like an AC breakdown; especially in the middle of a hot summer day in Philadelphia. Not only do you have to deal with an uncomfortable home climate, but you also get the unexpected expense of air conditioning repair. Now, I know what you’re thinking. It’s hot outside, and your friend is really good at DIY home improvement. He can just come over and fix your air conditioner, right? Wrong.

It’s tempting to have a friend or family member attempt air conditioning repair for you. They’ll charge you a fraction of what the pro’s will, and they’ll be able to do it sooner. The truth is however, amateur air conditioning repair will cost you more in the long run.

Professional Air Conditioning Repair Means Expert Service

Yes, we’re impressed that your cousin Troy built you a kitchen table from scratch, but there’s no way he has the air conditioning repair know-how that comes with years of experience. After over 20 years, we’ve seen it all at HVAC Philly. Often times, a problem that might seem like a simple fix is actually a complex problem that only an experienced technician can identify. These types of repairs are where you’re going to lose big with an amateur repair man. We’ve had a lot of repairs where we had to fix amateur work, and it ended up costing the client much more than it would’ve if they had done the repair right the first time.

Botched Amateur Repair Stories

A client called us the other day to take a look at their one year old air conditioner. It wasn’t running, and their breaker tripped every time they tried to turn it on. One of our skilled techs Air Conditioning Repairarrived on location, and as soon as he opened the condenser panel door, he noticed that the wires between the contractor and condenser fan motor had been cut and reconnected using wire caps. One of those wires shook loose from its cap and was in contact with the common wire that runs to the compressor. This caused the compressor to short, and the customer had to pay for a new one. Any professional HVAC tech knows that wire caps aren’t appropriate to use in this situation. They can easily shake loose from the vibration of the compressor and fan motor.

Another client called us because she was getting less air pressure from her unit after an amateur air conditioning repair job. It turns out that her friend installed a blower motor capacitor with the wrong capacitor rating. We easily fixed the problem, but the client ended up spending unnecessary money on what would’ve been a simple fix had she gone with the pros.

Philadelphia Air Conditioning Repair Pros Are Insured

To operate an HVAC business in Philadelphia, a company is obligated to be licensed, bonded, and insured. This protects both you and the company you hire. Air conditioning repair involves working with hazardous chemicals, so if you have an uninsured friend working on your AC unit and he gets injured, you could be held liable. Working with a professional company protects you as a consumer as well.  If something goes wrong with your AC unit due to a botched repair or faulty part, any reputable Philadelphia air conditioning repair company will do right by you and fix the problem. This isn’t the case if you hire an amateur to do your repair.

Professional Repair Maximizes Efficiency

Don’t forget that a professional HVAC company has access to the newest tech and the most trusted parts. There are amateurs out there who have experience with air conditioning repair and can perform acceptable repair, but pro’s like our technicians at HVAC Philly have air conditioning repair down to a science. 99% of the time, a licensed HVAC technician will perform repairs that will leave your system running more efficiently than a handy friend.

As for dealing with the summer heat when your A/C breaks down, HVAC Philly offers 24 hour emergency service. If you live in Philadelphia, Montgomery, or Bucks County, give us a call at 215-725-6111. We offer unparalleled service and competitive pricing. Stay cool, my friends.

Spring AC Repair Will Save You Money This Summer

Well folks, it’s official. Spring has sprung, and Summer is closer than ever. You’ve probably turned your AC on at least once by now, so you should know whether or not it’s in working condition and ready for spring. If you have an old air conditioner and haven’t had it checked out yet, don’t delay! You could save time and money by identifying any AC repairs you didn’t know about. Read on for the benefits of getting Spring AC Repair before you encounter major problems.

Get AC Repair Before it Becomes a Headache

AC Repair Headache

Old air conditioners need AC repair much more often than new units. If your air conditioning unit is over 7 years old, chances are you’ve had to repair it before and probably will need to again soon. Getting early Spring AC repair will save you money in more than one way. First off, if you get your air conditioner checked out by a trustworthy HVAC technician, you’ll get a tune up that will keep your unit running smoothly throughout the summer. If there are no repairs needed, then great, you’ll be ready for the hot weather and can rest easy. If your HVAC technician does identify a potential problem, you can save money by getting AC repair before it becomes a major headache.

Save on Utility Bills

We know that older air conditioners break down more often than new ones, but don’t let us AC Repair Utility Billsscare you. If you’ve been taking good care of your air conditioner, you may not need a major AC repair this season. What you’ll probably encounter, however, is old, inefficient parts putting a strain on your system and wallet. Identifying and replacing weak parts that are causing your air conditioner to run inefficiently will reduce your monthly utility bills and prevent breakdowns from happening further down the line.

Avoid Long AC Repair Wait Times and Sweaty Summer Breakdowns

Losing your air conditioning in the summer is a nightmare. If it’s hot enough outside, you’ll have to leave your house to find a cooler climate while you wait for a repair. Don’t forget, hot summer days are peak business times for HVAC companies. If your AC breaks down on a hot day, a lot of companies are going to make you wait. Getting early spring AC repair will ensure that your air conditioner works when you need it to. You’ll also be ahead of the curve and will get prompt service since few people get a head start on AC maintenance. Fortunately, if you do have a summertime breakdown and live in Philadelphia, Montgomery, or Bucks County, HVAC Philly offers 24 hour emergency air conditioning service.

Get ahead of the curve with AC repair this spring. It’ll save you money over the summer and help you avoid the headache of a broken air conditioner. Best case scenario, there’s nothing wrong with your unit, and you’ll get a tune up that will keep your AC happy all summer.

For unparalleled HVAC service from trusted experts with over 20 years of experience, give HVAC Philly a call at 215-725-6111. Stay cool, my friends