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Are You In Need of High Quality Air Conditioning Services in Bensalem, PA?

HVAC Philly has over 20 years experience in professional AC repair, and air conditioning maintenance services.  We are always prepared to provide you with high-quality service and air conditioning maintenance.

During the hot summer months in Bensalem, PA you will expect AC system to keep your home or business cool and comfortable. At HVAC Philly., our trained HVAC technicians are on call to provide superior service for your air conditioning system. If you need an estimate, repair or installation, you can rely on HVAC Philly to do it efficiently, properly, and at an affordable price.

We have all of the proper equipment and knowledge to repair and give maintenance services for all major air conditioning brands on the market today. As well, all of our HVAC technicians are NATE certified.

Our air conditioning service area includes, not only Bensalem, PA but also expands to the greater Philadelphia, Bucks County, PA, and Montgomery County, PA areas. If you live in any of those areas, HVAC Philly will be able to help address all of your cooling system needs! Call us today to schedule an appointment or talk to a professional about your home or commercial space.

You Can Count On HVAC Philly For Your A/C Maintenance

Keeping your AC unit running efficiently relies on the right attention to its maintenance and service needs. Air conditioning maintenance can save you money and stress from unexpected breakdowns in the long run. Make sure your AC unit is prepared for summer — prior to use — with an early spring air conditioning service appointment. 

Common Problems Air Conditioning Maintenance Will Solve


Running A/C Unit Doesn’t Cool: Your air conditioner system can malfunction in the event that it is low on refrigerant or it’s leaking, the filter is clogged or dirty, or the condenser is clogged or dirty.

Run Cycles are Too Long or Too Short: Inconsistent run cycles can be among the most common air conditioning problems caused by dirty condenser coils (outdoor unit) or evaporators (indoor unit).

Poorly Operating Motors Result in Excessive Energy Use: This problem is often caused by moving parts that are not lubricated enough. Excessive friction is capable of making motors and fans work harder.

Electric Control Failure: This happens when your air conditioner frequently turns on and off, a common occurrence when a system is oversized. Central can ensure your electrical connections are tightened during a maintenance call as well as measuring the current and voltage of your A/C motor. 

Air Conditioning Installation Basics

When installing an air conditioner in your home, it is extremely important that the system is sized properly. And this process begins with a professional load calculation. An air conditioner that is too small will have to work overtime to get your house to the proper temperature, and an air conditioner that is too big will cycle on and off far too frequently, greatly reducing its efficiency. At HVAC Philly Heating & Air Conditioning, our expert air conditioner installation specialists will take measurements before installing your air conditioner so your new system can cool your home as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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If you are in the greater Philadelphia, Montgomery County,  or Bucks County, PA areas, HVAC Philly offers affordable, professional and expert HVAC services to commercial buildings and homes throughout the area. They have over 20 years experience and rated top ten HVAC companies in Philadelphia.

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