How a Zone Control System will Save You Money


What is a zone control system?

A zoning system is a means of providing extra cooling and heating (as the case may be) to your home. The basic principle that drives the zone control system is dividing the house into various sections, each of which will have its own heating and cooling requirements. For instance, you can put the dining room and kitchen in one zone. With these controls, you will be able to effectively modify the various temperatures in each zone to meet your needs.

It is also possible for you to run a heating or cooling system in one zone and have that of another zone control turned off (maybe if you don’t have anyone in there, in which case running a zone control system is unnecessary).

So how exactly will it save you money?

With a zone control system, heating and cooling in various rooms can be controlled completely independently of each other. This means that you will be able to leave rooms that are occupied at a comfortable room temperature while the climate control for the remaining rooms in the house is conveniently turned off.

A zone control system will only make use of the energy that is needed for the specific rooms that you want to cool or heat up. This means that in the event that your temperature control system has fewer rooms to worry about and control at a certain time, the numbers racked up on your utility bill will be much less.

If you have a larger family or roommates living together in the home, you can easily set the general temperature of the house to one that will make use of less power. From there, you can proceed to individually adjust the temperature of each room that will be used.

For instance, while one member of your family can easily set the temperature of their room to 75ºF in the colder months, you can set the temperature of the living room to 63ºF while your room is down to a “crisp” 69ºF. This system is generally much more efficient than having to leave the whole house at 69ºF or 63ºF. You can trust that even the addition (or subtraction, as the case may be) of a few degrees here and there can have a lot of impact on what you have to pay in utility bills at the end of the month.

A zone control system can greatly increase the general efficiency of your home. When you set the same temperature all over the house (including areas that are unoccupied for long periods of time), it is wasted energy. By using a zone control system you are able to control what rooms are getting heat or cold air and which ones that are completely turned off. You will save money by having more control over your energy usage.

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