Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Furnace

One thing that makes Philadelphia special is that there are a lot of historic homes that lend beauty and nostalgia to our city of love. With these older homes, we also inherit older fixtures, such as furnaces. There are not a lot of people that can give you the exact age of their furnace. Even if you personally installed your HVAC unit, you may be noticing that those years crept by and now your furnace is showing signs of aging.

HVAC Philly, one of Philadelphia’s top HVAC specialist for over 20 years, says look for these signs to know if it’s time to replace your furnace or schedule a service with your local HVAC specialist.

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You’re Spending More Time Vacuuming or Dusting

If you find yourself spending a significant amount of time vacuuming or dusting your home, that is a definite sign that it may be time to take a look at your furnace. An old furnace will start to show it’s age by producing leaky ducts. This allows the older furnace to bring in pollutants, and particles in the air, into your home through the “leaky” ducts, causing an excess of dirt and dust. You can imagine that if all that dust is building up and settling in your home and on your furniture, then it is safe to say it may be having the same effects on your lungs as well. Take the excessive dusting as a sign that is time to get your furnace serviced or replaced immediately to ensure you and your family are breathing clean air.

Your Historic Philadelphia Home Is Not The Only Thing “Historic” In The Home

Do you think the last time you installed a new furnace a Bush was still president? If so, it may be time to get a new furnace. A boiler or furnace generally has a lifespan of 15 to 30 years (and 30 for older models is really pushing it). Depending on the make or model furnace’s can start to show signs of age around the 12 year mark, that’s why it would be wise to start finding an HVAC professional that you trust to consult with on what you can do to lengthen the lifespan of your furnace, and at the very least what to look for as far as timing in replacing your current furnace.

The Thermostat and Your Heating Bill Keep Going Up

As your furnace ages, your heating unit’s ability to work efficiently slowly diminishes. It’s a slow process and one you may not notice right away. You may notice that you have to continually adjust your thermostat to meet the demands of keeping your home warm. With each upturn of the thermostat, your heating and electricity bill increases incrementally as well. Sometimes by the time you realize what’s happening you are already paying a lot more than you need to. Signs to look for would be unusually cold or even warm rooms or a rise in your home’s humidity. Older furnaces can struggle to keep up with the demands of technology. Keeping afloat of upgrades or newer models that can save you on energy usage is well worth the consideration to lower cost in the long run.

Your Burner Flame Is Flickering

Most people would not think to check their burner flames, however, it’s a great idea to add that to your maintenance checklist.  Burner flames should have a bright blue look to them WITHOUT  any flickering.  A yellow or flickering flame indicates that your furnace is having an extremely concerning problem, it could be producing carbon monoxide, a dangerously toxic gas. Check your carbon monoxide monitor immediately and contact your HVAC specialist ASAP. Carbon monoxide poisoning could be life-threatening and should be dealt with without delay.

It’s Not Me, It’s You

As loyal and happy to serve our customers HVAC Philly is if you are seeing us or any other HVAC professional too much it may be time to evaluate your relationship. Repairs can and will at times be necessary without replacing your full furnace, however, if you are spending more on repairs than is expected, that is a sure sign a replacement for your furnace is indeed time.


You’ll find that the last two or so years of your furnace’s life is where most of the repairs and breakdowns occur.  If you are noticing more and more issues or repairs contact your HVAC professional to start discussing options for a new furnace.

Is It Time For A New Furnace?

How many of these signs have you noticed with your furnace? If you’ve found more than one sign you should definitely begin looking to get a replacement furnace. With winter around the corner and cool weather here, it’s best to get a jump on this now as opposed to waiting until a complete furnace failure or breakdown. HVAC Philly services many areas, as well as the greater surrounding Philadelphia, are, if you are looking for an experienced and reliable HVAC specialist in our area don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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